Andrew Probert

Anaru here with TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises)
Having a background in education, personal coaching, massage therapy and intuitive energy healing – I find myself so excited about the incredible intelligence our physical body has!
But it hasn’t always been this way. For a number of years through my own ups and downs, I’d explored meditation, talk therapy and mindfulness as a means to calm the body’s reaction to the stress and pressure of life – yet still, I felt that something was missing.
Fight, flight and freeze mechanisms were running my world, and life just wasn’t working for me.
How amazing then to discover TRE as a means to access the body’s “natural recovery reflex” – the key to down regulating the nervous system and returning everything back to a state of ease.
Just like trauma is in the body, so too is our “safe harbour”, and TRE is the vehicle to help us find it.
If you’d like to explore the gentle rhythmic shaking mechanism which brings you back to a state of ease – come and join me for an experience of TRE.
I’d love to share it with you.
Andrew Probert (Anaru)
Accredited TRE Facilitator

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