Matt Wilkey

I was first introduced to the practice of yoga 7 years ago within the Iyengar Tradition of practice.
I very quickly fell in love with the precision-based method of Iyengar. The use of props and asana adaptations to help support and enhance many of the ‘classical’ poses was captivating and I quickly felt the transformational effects after an extended period of dedicated practice.
I now feel extremely fortunate to teach at two fantastic yoga studios in Havelock North – Alma and Zelkova – with the support from a core of keen students.
I teach up to 15 classes a week and host regular workshops to help people experience the freedom and advantages that a regular yoga practice provides.
My teaching style is aimed at educating my students so that they can learn to practice yoga safely in accord with their own needs, while challenging their limitations so they can live a more healthy, contented and fulfilling life. I give strong emphasis to the mental and attitudinal aspects of yoga in my classes so that students reap the full holistic benefits of this profound psycho-somatic practice.

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