Helle Mortensen Thomson

Helle Mortensen Thomson is Physiotherapist, a certified Yoga Teacher, and a Transformational Breath ® Facilitator/Trainer
Helle is an inspirational guide for personal development bridging yoga, breathwork, emotional healing, self-inquiry and spirituality. Helle has got extensive experience teaching individuals and groups worldwide.
Both yoga and therapeutic breathwork have been important avenues in Helle’s own healing process through debilitating health issues. Helle is now not only enjoying vibrant health, but also living her passion supporting others on their journey back “home”.
Helle brings a sense of safety, joy and ease to the space she holds and even in the context of large group she is known for her ability for people to feel seen, held and supported.

Havelock North, New Zealand
hellemorthomson@gmail.com / +64 21 104 9366

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