Amanda Sowersby

Amanda Sowersby is a Hawkes Bay Artist, Artistic Therapist, and Holistic Healer alongside being a passionate qualified Yoga teacher with trainings in Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Yin yoga, Chakra bodies and Trauma informed yoga.
Amanda incorporates yoga/movement, guided meditation, sound, reiki and guided art in her wellness workshops.
Bringing the intention of the threefold aspect of mind, body and soul into balance and harmony, encouraging mindfulness and awareness to connect to oneself on a deeper level with love and light.
Amanda also brings the qualities of truth, beauty and goodness with the undertone of healing into everything she does!
Once a month Amanda & Aaron Gregory host a beautiful healing session called RestOra.
RestOra means: rest; allowing the body and mind to rest, relax and not work.
Ora meaning in Te Reo, health and well-being for life.
The nature of RestOra is to create a safe sacred space which incorporates restorative yoga poses, breathing techniques, a beautiful shamanic sound journey with Tibetan singing bowls, gong, drum, flutes…followed by a guided meditation of Yoga Nidra with the healing and clearing energies of Reiki.
Its a relaxing, blissful and healing experience that allows you to connect inwardly.
Aaron Gregory is a healer, Reiki master, Dawn method & Bowen practitioner, energy and space clearer, Munay-ki rite’s guardian, shaman and creates beautiful healing soundscapes with an array of instruments.
Aaron has also written an inspiring self help book ‘Living with life’ back to basics.

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