Karlin Frew

I have been playing with yoga since the age of six, inspired by my mother’s yoga book ‘Yoga for Health’, a classic 1970s yoga guide. Leaving school and home at 16, I have been diving in and out of a regular yoga practice as the rollercoaster of my life has unfolded.

Yoga asana practice has assisted me with surviving some challenging life circumstances. Being dedicated to a more consistent yoga practice for the past 20 years and recently spending 8 months with Anahata Yoga Retreat, I have been step-changing my life to enable a dedication to yoga and the simple life. I completed a Post Graduate Dip in Business in 2019, researching yoga and its impact on mental wellness. I started to teach yoga in 2021.  Understanding the complexities of our busy lifestyles helps me bring the wisdom of lived experience to teaching. I believe in simplicity and alchemy. My ongoing journey with yoga is to hopefully enable all free beings to find their inner calm and connection to their natural state of being.


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