Natasha Mathis

Kia ora, my name is Natasha and I’ve returned to Napier after thirty years away.

The least likely to ever become a yoga teacher, I couldn’t touch my toes when I started my yoga journey in 1993. Despite this, I started teaching in 2006, opening my own yoga studio and building a beautiful yoga community in the Manawatū. I’ve gone on to teach teachers and lead a couple of tours to India before the pandemic.

My style of yoga is inclusive, and grounded with a focus on helping people tune in to what their body needs and wants to do, while navigating different poses. I offer lots of options for strength and rest, softness and exploring our edges. I also bring a lightness to teaching, welcoming questions and laughter in classes.

The addition of the crystal singing bowls has been beautiful and their gentle tones and way of singing with each other is magical both to teach over as a soundtrack, and to use in things like Coming to Rest and śavāsana.

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