Erin Zen Warrior

Born into a movement family of martial arts yoga and body building I was destined to step into my somewhat self-created vocation. Growing up amongst the zen tradition and with my hands in the earth a strong connection was built with movement and this essential way to move emotion. As a young adult I began my search, ditching law and commerce and beginning my travels. 

It wasn’t until a pilgrimage to India and the Himalayas at age 25 that I finally heard the ancient message of the yogi’s: “Balance is key”. From here I began to evolve a new approach to my health and the health of my clients: “find your hum”. A balance based approach which eventually led me to continue work inspired by my guru: working successfully with posture, chronic disease and transcendence. 

I am unapologetically and dynamically myself. I want you to become unapologetically and dynamically yourself. Do you want to find your warrior self and thrive?

After 16 years of evolving my warrior method I am happy to once again go out into the world and teach the crafts that resurrected so much joy, health and youth in myself and all of my students. 

I can’t wait for you to join me.

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