Hi, my name is Ninoska. I am a yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner dedicated to helping others find calm and healing. Originally from Chile, I have been living in New Zealand for the last 10 years. Twelve years ago, I fell in love with yoga and the incredible way it made me feel. This inspired me to become a certified yoga teacher, and I completed my training while living in Mexico. This decision gradually transformed how I see life. Deepening my connection with my body led me to enhance my meditation practice and sparked my interest in exploring spirituality.

Four years ago, I discovered Reiki, which changed my life. I became a certified Reiki Master and also achieved certifications in 1:1 Family Constellations and Akashic Records, broadening my perspective and deepening my ability to support others. In my yoga classes, I create a safe space to embrace emotions with love and patience. My gentle classes focus on integrating emotions, understanding body movement, and blending breath with every movement. Currently, I teach yoga at several studios in Napier and offer online sessions. My journey through these therapies has given me a profound understanding of how to support others in their paths to healing and personal growth. I feel a strong calling to share what I know and help others discover their potential.

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