When Lauren moved to New Zealand 8 years ago it turned her world upside down, quite literally, this set her on a path of personal development training, self healing and journeying back to aligned intentions and integrity. 

With a passion for bringing communities together, dancing seemed like the most obvious opportunity to make this happen. After experiencing the liberation and empowerment of free movement for herself she knew this was something she had to offer for others to feel for themselves. In February she began facilitating Intuitive Movement where she discovered a passion for holding space for others to explore themselves through movement freely without judgement to the music journey she puts together with love and intention. 

This year she completed her Yin yoga teacher training with Amanda-Hanna, attended Matiu Te Hukis empowering Haka for life retreat, she also has a love for cacao medicine and will be attending Radha’s first ever cacao facilitator training later this year. 

She’ll also be joining a nationwide dance for Hope movement with Marielle taking off soon in the high streets of our cities across the whole country for Mental health awareness. 

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