Kelsey Roderick

Kelsey is a seasoned veteran in the health and fitness industry, with over 35 years of expertise across various fitness genres. With a strong foundation in health and wellness, she is a fully certified, highly experienced group fitness educator / Yoga Instructor, and ACC Strength & Balance Provider, demonstrating her commitment to empowering others through physical activity and movement.

Over a decade ago, Kelsey delved into the practice of yoga, sparking a profound journey that has shaped her teaching approach. Kelsey brings to her students a depth of experience in Yin and also Yin/Yang, having trained with internationally acclaimed yoga practitioners such as Joe Barnett, Truth Robinson and Joan Hyman.

 Kelsey’s passion lies in helping people gain improved freedom of movement, strength and flexibility through Yoga and fun exercise to music. Her dedication to these practices shines through in her teaching, where she imparts not only the physical aspects but also the mental and emotional benefits to her students.

Currently, she leads weekly group exercise sessions and Yin/Yang Yoga classes in Havelock Nth and ALMA Studio, where she shares her wealth of experience, guiding others towards better mobility, balance, and improved well-being.

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