Christinaseva Dykstra

Christinaseva is a teacher of the Self Realization Centre in Whakatū Nelson and offers in-person and online live Breathing & Yoga Classes as well as 1:1 Yoga Therapy.  You can learn more on www.selfrealizationnelson.nz
Thinking back to the time when my journey with Yoga, Breathing and Pure Meditation began 25 years ago, it is rather humbling to reflect on what a different person I would have become without these gifts in my life. Tools learned even in those early days and since remain with me, giving me ways to connect with my true self every day. It is a great privilege to teach Yoga and Breathing and over the 20 years of doing so, my continuing training and development over the last couple of years has really given me more insight into the need for a changing trend in how yoga is taught and experienced.

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