Dawn Voyce

I started my yoga journey over 20 years ago in Sydney with Ashtanga yoga which captured my heart, mind, and body at that time.  Having given up my love of dance because of back pain, I began a journey of healing and deep somatic learning.  The opportunity to move to Europe opened up a whole new chapter and opportunities for learning.  My first 200-hour teacher training was with Ashtanga teachers Michael Gannon and Brian Cooper in 2010, on their first and only venture to teach together.  Their philosophies on yoga alignment were so far apart that it upset the other students as there was no absolute right or wrong, but it fascinated me.  It led to more questions than answers and awakened my curiosity of exploring the depths of ‘what is yoga?’.  I then went on to complete a 1200-hour teacher training, over 41/2 years with Swiss Ashtanga, Iyengar & Vini teacher Bruno Dietziker, who also brought in Ashtanga and Yoga therapy teacher Ronald Steiner, from Ulm, Germany and Iyengar teacher Claus Grzesch, of Germany living in Vienna. 

My venture into embodiment and somatic practices began with teachers from the Strozzi Institute in 2013, followed by Paul King, a senior teacher of Wendy Palmers.  This led to Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP)TM with Mark Walsh in Brighton, Uk, who had studied with both Richard Strozzi, Wendy Palmer and Peter Levine but wanted to make somatics more accessible to the yoga world and take yoga ‘off the mat’.

My teaching style draws on all my learnings in yoga, somatics and yoga therapy. I continue my journey into yoga and somatics using my own body and experiences as a catalyst for learning.  As a Change Manager, I bring much of this learning and understanding into my work when working with organisations that are undergoing journeys of change and transformation.

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