Jana Sojka

In 2016, Bodylight® studio in Auckland stepped into my life and I deeply connected to my teacher, mentor, and friend Edna Levy – the founder of the Bodylight® method. Edna educated me on every aspect of being an intuitive, loving, always-listening, and caring yet professional instructor and guide through movement. I successfully completed two Bodylight® teacher training courses that fuse ancient Yoga, classical/modern mat and apparatus Pilates, and Qi Gong in an interesting, mindful and educative way. This course also included Bodylight® treatment (manual therapy) module.

In January 2019, when I came back from India, I continued as a full-time instructor and a manual therapist at Bodylight®. I also completed the sports massage course at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), and a Thai massage course with Gabriel Morales. The movement and massage sessions I offer, draw upon all of the extensive knowledge I have accumulated over the last 5 years.

I am grateful I could be a part of the NZ Spirit Festival (May 2022) in Auckland offering massages with my dear friend Alison and soon after that, together, we put on a Reignite Day Retreat (July 2022).

From all of my experiences, I have gained an understanding of how to treat the body with respect and provide individual guidance through movement and breath with the mind being present. My own personal experience with a deeper comprehension of the mind and body connection contributes to my unique offering. My humble aim is to deliver a session that restores mind-body awareness and connection, inner joy, relaxation, visualization, and more.

Moving to Nelson in November 2022 has been another beginning of this constant flow of life changes. I am very grateful and excited to offer my services in this beautiful, sunny region of the South Island – the place, where I fell in love with NZ initially. In a simple way, it’s coming back home.

With all of my experience over the years, I am still on the rewarding journey, respectfully learning with each client and continuously searching for inspiration through new courses.


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