Amanda Brown

Amanda received her 200hr YTT certification in Darjeeling, India in 2017, however her experience with yoga began a few years earlier in high school. Towards the end of fifteen years of dance training, Amanda found herself in her first yoga class, immediately drawn to the practice for its accepting and encouraging environment. The ability to move at your own pace and choose your own path to get there meant it was more about the journey than the destination or production. 

Since her 200 YTT, Amanda has been teaching internationally, from the Greater Boston Area and Lake Champlain, Vermont,  to Raglan, New Zealand. Amanda’s classes are like an alchemical process, stringing creative postures into dynamic sequencing, synced with the breath, to prepare the body and mind for meditation and relaxation.

Amanda is dedicated to bringing safe modifications and variations to the practice, encouraging students to follow their intuition, become their own best teacher, and take the path that is best suited for them in the moment. Just like all things in nature, we are constantly changing and evolving to be the most resilient versions of ourselves, and you can expect Amanda’s classes to be just that. 

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