Audra Saunders

I was introduced to Yoga at age 14. By my early 20’s I had committed to a regular practice and began my Yoga Teaching Career at age 28. I have worked with many diverse populations, in both group & private settings, including:
Returned Service Personnel & First Responders, People living with disability & or Chronic Conditions & Co-Morbidities, Seniors, Pre & Post Natal Mothers, Children, Teens, Corporate & the general public.
I have developed & facilitate CPD training for Yoga Teachers & Yoga Therapists in the art of “Bliss Yoga”, a therapeutic style of practice that is inclusive for all populations (see description below).
I have had the privilege of presenting at The Australasian Yoga Therapy Conference 2018 (Case study on Acquired Brain Injury) and at many Educational Workshops, Extension Programs & study groups for Yoga
Teachers. Now in my 50’s, my personal practice has changed significantly over the years and my interest lies firmly in the application of the Therapeutic benefits of Yoga. After 3 ½ decades, and a myriad of experience in the vast field of Yoga & Yoga Therapy, I simply love to share this passion with others.

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