Bex Deva

Bex loves to share and connect with others through movement and mindfulness. Honouring the deep wisdom within us all and the great life force of creativity and celebration.

She has studied and taught Nia and Yoga over 15 years and continues to learn and grow each day.

Born in the cathedral city of Exeter in southwest England in 1980, Bex’s life has revolved around personal growth since she was a teenager, when she also discovered African drumming and dance at the age of 15 – and she has been passionate about music and movement ever since.

Bex has managed to integrate her passions – for exploration and discovery, nutrition, permaculture, natural parenting, unschooling and conscious events– with business savvy and for the past two decades has made her livelihood doing things she loves.

She specialises in PreNatal and Postnatal Yoga and co runs Kindred Studio and Evolve Festival in sunny Nelson with her husband.

You can connect with her at:


Kindred Studio and Evolve Festival Nelson

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