Sarah Morley

Sarah Morley is an International Yoga Teacher originating from Alberta Canada. Her offerings include Traditional Hatha, Yin, Shaking Medicine classes and workshops that delve deeper into understanding the connection between the power of mind and body. She offers a dynamic class that holds an affinity for descriptive and clear alignment cues. She draws upon the connection to breath and uses this as the emphasis to lead a clear path. You can expect in her classes to feel encouraged to explore the possibilities of yourself. Her intention is to ignite the curiosity within you to unravel your highest potential through movement and mindfulness as medicine. Sarah’s influences and education include: 2013 L.A. California Hot Yoga Training. 2017 Maui Hawaii Advanced 84 Training with Esak Garcia. 2015 Yin Certification Canada. 2016 The Art of Teaching Banff, Alberta. 2019 Shaking Medicine Training Byron Bay, Australia. Constantly draws upon the inspiration of sequences that prepare the body through a holistic approach. 
I would love more information regarding the Festival and if there are any marketing tools or photos, links, etc that I can use to help share the event with my social community for the time being. Also happy to provide you with anything else you may need from me to set up the exact time, date, and above (class options), as I am very interested to participate and contribute to this event. I would also love more information about the upcoming events in Australia perhaps I can travel there again one day to offer classes/workshops in the future. 

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