Jonelle Watson

Originally from the North Island of New Zealand, after spending 3.5 years living in India, Jonelle has finally returned home… finding herself now living here in the Tasman Area.
An experienced and passionate Kirtanist, majority of her inspiration to share the gift of Devotional Yoga has been gained in her many stays at the Akhanda Yoga Ashram, as well as the Ramana’s Gardens Children’s Home (both located in Rishikesh, Northern India).
Drawing much experience from her time of weaving and receiving, her intention through this yogic practice is to motivate & guide others to feel inner harmony. To cultivate connection to their healthiest self through the power of chanting Mantra. 
Jonelle’s aim is to support and benefit every one, bringing forward a deep love & respect for this ancient practice, keeping the preservation alive.

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