Julie-Ann Marks

Julie-Ann Marks is a Sound Therapist based in Wellington New Zealand and the founder of Resonant Sound Healing. Originally from Canada, she has been fortunate to have travelled the world with her past careers, which have spanned the creative realms of advertising, international events and film productions. Fast-paced, overwhelming environments which caused severe anxiety, depression and burnout pushed Julie-Ann to pursue her passion for the healing arts. Exploring healing modalities has always been a passion of hers. While searching for a deeper connection with self, Sound Healing presented itself to her 9 years ago in London when she attended her first Sound Bath. Upon arrival in New Zealand 7 years ago, Sound Baths were not readily available, and so in 2021 Julie-Ann finally decided to take her Sound Therapist Practitioner Certification in hopes of bridging the gap, making Sound Healing more accessible to the masses and to share her passion for vibrational medicine.

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