I am a conscious human being passionate about wellbeing, sustainability & mindful movement practices. I am an artist, a creator, a space holder and a believer of the endless possibilities of creating our own reality.

Dance and movement are my medicine. I am by profession a Contemporary Dancer and Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator by The School of Body Mind Movement.

I’ve been always drawn to intuitive movement, the arts and healing as a way of expressing my self. This has lead me to chose a healthy and high vibrational fulfilling holistic lifestyle where I consciously choose day by day what I put into my energy field ; from information to food and relationships!

I have been learning and experiencing from the law of attraction since probably 10 years ago, I actually understood it better through dance. At the end everything is vibration. Isn’t?

I speak 4 languages and I have been traveling the world since 5 years ago. I am currently based in New Zealand, a beautiful land I have a deep respect for it.

Embodied Universe is a project I first started when travelling around the world teaching movement workshops. It was in 2019 that I started to do lot of research about water, since this was a main topic in my somatic training. And actually, when I say ‘lot of research’ it’s because water has many different layers to observe! In my case as a somatic therapist I felt deeply curious about the body fluids and fascia.

After getting informed, I realized that 9 years on a plant based diet, body awareness and mindfulness, there was still something I was not focusing on yet: Drinking Water! With this I found about Electrolyzed Reduced Water, which lead me to wake up and take action !

At the beginning of 2020 I invested in my wellbeing and career by getting a Kangen Water Machine and becoming an Enagic distributor. After experimenting the sustainable and health benefits of owning a Kangen Water machine at home, I immediately decided to start an online business to promote wellbeing and sustainability. Without mentioning that when I discovered Enagic’s compensation plan I knew this was ‘the shift’ I needed in order to keep supporting my dreams as a mover, artist and traveller.

Today, Embodied Universe is an alchemy of all my passions together and one of the main goals is to i n s p i r e other human beings to achieve an holistic & high vibrational lifestyle through Kangen Water & Mindful Movement Practices.

Regarding the Water Business with Enagic, Embodied Universe works alongside an amazing community of like minded entrepreneurs from all over the world: The Free Life Movement. This platform allows me and my team to create step by step a successful business with Enagic by providing a deep training ,education & mentorship about wellbeing, sustainability.

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