Jock Barns-Graham

Jock has always had a deep connection to nature, which is where he draws his inspiration from. His style of yoga is heavily influenced by his time outdoors, peacefully detached from the outside world so that he can confidently facilitate a space for healing and connection among the practitioners.

The style jock leads is vinyasa-based (incorporating alignment, strength building, peak pose sequencing, and restoration), with insightful storytelling and theme’s that catalyse a deeper understanding of oneself, allowing for space to refine in mind, body and spirit. Jock’s also been studying Te Reo Maori for years, having grown up in a strong Maori Culture Community he is very drawn to the culture and how he can best weave in Te Ao Maori into the yoga lineage. So expect a little Te Reo weaved into the storytelling šŸ™‚

Jock received his 200-hour yoga teaching certification under the International Yoga Alliance in October 2019, at Talalla Retreat, Sri Lanka; trained under Carolyn Anne Budgell and Clara Roberts-Oss who was trained by a world-renowned pioneer in yoga ā€“ Shiva Rea. Since his training, Jock has hosted multiple empowering yoga retreats, various wellness workshops and instructed at various yoga studios around Auckland and Gisborne.

Since the first COVID-19 lockdown, Jock resigned from his job as a Geotechnical Engineer and started a new Wellness Festival with his brother – Revive Festival. Revive is a three-night/four-day gathering located in Gisborne from Jan 6-9th 2022. Revive is not your regular summer festival as it aims to elevate its attendees as we transition into the new year through connection, healing, sobriety, holistic health, wellness workshops, and music. See website here: www.revivefestival.co.nz

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